The journey to better!

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…But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.’’ Proverbs 4:18 (KJV)

The christian’s life is a journey, and we cannot judge and conclude our lives just by what we are presently going through. Our text today reminds us that the believer’s life is an ever progressive one. Friends, regardless of what you are passing through now, God has a promise of moving your life from Grace to Grace and from Glory to Glory. The pain of yesterday is working out a great gain for tomorrow and whatever testimonies you may have had thus far is nothing compared to what God is about to do in your life. Your present situation may not look like it, but I challenge you to believe God for the best.

Your life is going through a process, and like with every other kind of construction, things sometimes gets messy and out of place before they all come together and make sense. The Isrealites had a devastating experience of oppression and lost, but God intervened and said, he was going to change things around and bring victory in the place of despair and joy instead of sorrow. Eugene Peterson in Jeremiah 30:19 the later part says ‘Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. They’ll thrive, they’ll flourish. The days of contempt will be over.’‘ The story of your life is ending with better, you are going to have your glory back, God will perfect all that concerns you!

Child of God, God’s Word is not void of power. The truth is things would get better and better for you, there is a glory that God has prepared for you and I declare that your depression days are over. Sometimes things gets worse before they get better. But as far as God is concerned, the trajectory of your life is changed, you keep shining brighter and brighter,you will flourish and thrive. The testimonies coming will make the pain and the gains of yesterday pale into insignificance. Relax you are on a journey to better days.

I Declare: Today I declare that I am justified by Christ, my life’s journey is a concluded matter. Things are getting better and better for me and depression is getting farther and farther. I thrive where others survive,

Ignite Thought: Life’s journey is full of hurdles, the journey may he hard but the destination is beautiful.

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