The Voice of Thanksgiving

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There will be joy and songs of thanksgiving, and I will multiply my people, not diminish them; I will honor them, not despise them. Jeremiah 30:19 (NLT)

Have you ever had those moments when it felt like everything was going wrong? It is possible for a child of God to experience such a moment where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sometimes it could be the death of a loved one, a failed relationship, the lost of a job or an opportunity, or even friends and family treating you as if you don’t exist. These are times you are hardly sure you can handle anything else bad happening in your life.

In moments where things go bad, and you are faced with one challenge after another, times you have more bills than money or you pray and it seems your prayers don’t go beyond the ceiling. How do you find the strength and courage to keep moving on? One of the best ways is by being thankful. It might seem crazy, but finding ways to be thankful really helps in tough times.

In our text today we see God making a declaration that regardless of what His people had gone through, (Jer.30) out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of rejoicing and the by product of that rejoicing and thanksgiving would be multiplication and honor. Brace up for multiplication and honour, you are next in line for a miracle of breakthrough and mind blowing restoration.

I Declare: I declare that regardless of what I have been through. The voice of thanksgiving shall not depart out of my lips. I see God multiplying and honoring me.

Ignite Thought: Gratitude does not only Change our outlook, it also changes our status and output .

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