The God who completes.

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and happy is she who did believe, for there shall be a completion to the things spoken to her from the Lord. Luke 1:45 YLT

The Bible considers fortunate those who believe the word of God concerning them. I am certain many of us have come across well intended friends and family who have promised us things without having the corresponding capacity to carry out on their promises or to complete on the good they have started. But our text today says there shall be a completion to the things uttered by the mouth of God. If He said it, then He will do it!

Many times we don’t hold on to God because at some basic and unconscious level we are not “fully convinced” He is able and willing to bring to completion the good work He has started in and through us. But being able to admit that God is both able to perform and complete what he promised is a great blessing to you, and a great way of fast tracking the process.

It is time we come to terms with the fact that God does not embark on any project without the capacity to complete it. Let’s start telling ourselves that He that promised is also able to perform it. Once you begin to think and pray that way you will start walking in the consciousness of the power of God to do for you what he has promised you. God is able to perfect ALL that concerns you. He’s able to provide for you when you’re in a wilderness. He’s able to defeat the giants that stand in your way. He’s able to go through fiery trials with you and bring you out unharmed. He’s able to promote you when you’ve been overlooked or opposed.

I Declare: I believe and declare that the God who promised is able to complete all the good work He has started in me. He is able to perform His word just as He has promised. I am not forgotten, I am a work on progress not an abandon project. Today, I rest on His promise(s) and ability.

Ignite Thought: God is both willing and able, He completes everything He starts.

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