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“For I will restore health to you and I will heal you of your wounds, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17.

Too many times we try to cover our injuries in life but it doesn’t work. I know it to be true, that we have all been hurt at different times in our lives. Some hurts are only on the surface and aren’t too bad; but other hurts go deep and leave scars in our minds that affect us for years. Many times, the people closest to us don’t even know what we’ve been through because we hide it so well. I think it’s funny how a child can get a small scrape on their knee and as soon as a bandage is applied the crying stops and they have instant relief! But truth be told bandages don’t heal deep wounds.

I have a feeling some men and women are held back in life—and by that, I mean emotionally—in their relationships with others, and how they perceive God. All because of something that happened in their past. Sometimes it happened when they were a child, a teenager, or even 12 months ago—and it has totally occupied their mind, their thoughts, their behaviour and moods and it’s stopping them from moving on.They struggle, and put a giant bandage over this internal wound and just cover it up. They pretend it never happened. But here’s the sad reality: when you’re hurt inside, it’s eventually going to show up on the outside.

God wants to heal our wounds. Too many times we try to bandage our injuries but it doesn’t work.The great news is that God wants to heal every hurt! He wants to comfort, to restore life, and restore the years that Satan has stolen. Jesus wants to heal you from the inside out. You may have things on the inside of you that have been eating away at you for years and you do not want to talk about it, face it, deal with it, or treat it. You’d rather ignore it or bandage it. But just because we ignore something doesn’t make it go away! Sometimes, we end up having what we are trying to prevent. Stop bandaging your wounds, allow God see and heal you today!

I Declare: Lord today I confess that I am open and obedient. Heal and deliver me from every wound that is keeping me down. I receive and walk in your total healing. I am whole, no past hurts holding me down.

Ignite Thought: Stop trying to conceal and bandage what God wants to reveal and heal. You can’t conquer what you are unwilling to confront.

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