The road that leads nowhere!

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Barricade the road that goes Nowhere; grace me with your clear revelation. Psalms 119:29 (MSG)

One of the wisest men that ever lived said that there is a way that seems right to men but the end leads to destruction. There are so many ways that look good and yet they are dead ends. There are life’s pursuits that look like heaven on earth, yet they end up being hell on earth.

I am sure one of the greatest prayers anyone on a journey of destiny can ever pray is to ask God to guide their feet and prevent them from traveling into errors. And this, God has done in many ways, but we often think it is a disappointment and that something is wrong somewhere.

What’s the point of marrying a lover only to discover that you married an unrepentant cheat or sentenced into a marital prison? What’s the use of investing into a promising lucrative business just to find out it’s a scam? Many have join certain groups in the name of fellowship just to discover that they are part of a cult, the synagogue of Satan. This week and the days ahead, God in His graciousness will prevent you from entering into a lifetime of regrets, pain and agony in Jesus name.

I Declare: Lord, today I declare that I am far from the influence and power of deceit. I resist every false, deceitful or hypocritical way. I walk in clear revelation of your will and path for my life. Deliver me from the venture that has no future.

Ignite Thought: The road to nowhere can never take you somewhere in life.

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