Victory everywhere

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“The LORD helped David wherever he went.” – 2 Samuel 8:6

David had the kind of results most people can only imagine. Everywhere he went, the Lord helped him. Whatever he did, the Lord gave him success.When he was attacked, God provided protection. David was victorious when he was outnumbered – even when his obstacles seemed overwhelming. He received hope when situations seemed hopeless. He was guided when he did not know what to do or where to go.

Why was he so successful? David had developed an intimate relationship with God and knew that He was with him. He believed His Word and approached each challenge with complete trust in Him. This is the kind of life that God can give to all of us. It is a life of protection, provision, safety, and constant victory. And this life is available to us if we choose to enjoy that reality, we are guaranteed to experience this level of success. As David found out later, we have choices to make. If we turn away from God and disobey Him, we cannot expect His blessings.

The Bible assures us that God is ready to help us in every situation we face. But you cannot have this kind of success if you trust in yourself or your resources. Be sure that you pray and commit your way to Him. Seek His wisdom. Be faithful with the resources you have been given. Obey His Word. Trust completely in Him. Have faith that He will give you victory in everything you do.

I Declare: I DECLARE today that I will put actions and obedience behind my faith. I see God giving me victory every where i go and in everything i do, because He has made me more than a conqueror through Christ.

Ignite Thought: Those who do life with God experience victory always.

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