Rebuilt and restored!

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The time will come when your walls will be rebuilt. At that time the country will grow.
Micah 7:11 ERV

Before a home can be renovated, some things need to be demolished. Sometimes that means ripping down a wall or tearing out old floor tile. The old features need to be gone before the new ones can be put into place. In today’s text, God’s people are undergoing this time of change at the hand of God.

God’s covenant faithfulness means that God disciplines His people and He responds to them in kindness and mercy. After God rebuked the nation and they finally repented. In Micah 7:9 Jerusalem finally responded to Micah’s calls for repentance, though only after they had suffered under God’s punishment. God now responds to their turning away from their sin. He says that He will rebuild Jerusalem’s walls and extend its boundaries. His people will not only be restored but also be improved upon! Micah 7:12 states: “In that day people will come to you from Assyria and the cities of Egypt, even from Egypt to the Euphrates and from sea to sea and from mountain to mountain.” in other words, people would come to you to experience and know God, Micah 4:1

But you see, God did not only promise the physical restoration of His people, He also promised that they would become what they always were meant to be: a haven for those who seek the Lord and want to live in right relationship with Him. His people would become agents of positive influence in society. But you see, before restoration, there has to be a rebuilding of all that has been destroyed by disobedience. If your life was a home renovation project, what would be removed and destroyed before the building work could begin? Ask God to help you take a hard look at your life and invite Him to begin that work in you today.

I Declare: Today I DECLARE that God is bringing about new seasons of growth to my life. He is rebuilding and restoring me in righteousness. New doors of opportunity, new relationships, and new levels of favor are in my future.

Ignite Thought: God rebuilds our walls before He restores our fortunes.

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