Lessons from the Ant (2)

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Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, Proverbs 6:7 NLT

Ants are team workers and work together in order to achieve something great. To start with, everybody in the ant world is important. Each ant specializes in a certain task within the colony whether it be guarding the queen, foraging for food, or removing the waste. Yet, the ants operate as one seamless organism. This is a great example of individuality being essential to the overall function of a society and yet it does not usurp it. One could call this perfect social balance.

The lesson today is simple, in order for you to achieve something substantial in life, you must align yourself with others who can help propel you to another level.It can be your friends, role models or professionals in your field of endeavour. It’s amazing how the ants move in unity, they have an unbelievable spirit of unselfish unity. When they find something edible, they pass on the information to other ants and in quick time they have all gathered around the food.

For ants, Together Everybody Achieve More, that’s a very popular slogan for TEAM, though the ants are tiny, but together they are a great army.Each individual ant may be weak but together they are strong. Like we said earlier, each ant has its own responsibility; one is carrying food, other moving materials, another tunneling, and another searching for food. Ants are a team, if a grain is too heavy for one to pull alone, quickly others join it to pull together. The ants take decision as a team but depend on one another to survive. May this lessons inspire us to maximize the spirit of unity and the power of teamwork.

I Declare: Today, I refuse to be kept down because of my size or weakness. Like the ant, I will leverage on other people and accomplish my dreams. I refuse to walk alone.

Ignite Thoughts: Team spirit is the secret that makes small people achieve big results.

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