Leaving all to gain all!

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Peter said to him, “We have left all we had to follow you!” — Luke 18:28

The interaction with the wealthy ruler (Luke 18:18-23) left Jesus’ listeners—including his disciples—with many questions. The people asked, “Who then can be saved?”

Peter exclaimed, “We have left all we had to follow you!” And Jesus understood Peter’s concern. Jesus knew that his closest followers had left valuable relationships behind to follow him. They had left their homes, wives, children, aging parents, and promising careers. They had left the most crucial relationships people have in life. It was not about wealth or power for the disciples; they had left family relationships and all the blessed conversations and memories that go with them—all for the sake of being with and following the Son of God. So they needed reassurance.

Jesus laid out to a fearful Peter and a frightened crowd that the blessings of full life in God’s kingdom happen both now and in the life to come. He held out the promise that separation from precious relationships for his kingdom ­sake would result in healing and restoration. Jesus promised that no one keeping company with him would be shortchanged. There is nothing we left for the kingdom that won’t be given back to us in super abundant measure now, and in the life to come eternal life! Yes, God will never take from us what He has not given us in the first place, and He does not accept anything without the ability to bless us back in hundred folds.

I Declare: Lord, I declare that me and my family will seek to follow Christ’s mission to make disciples among our neighbors and the nations by the power of the Holy Spirit. Help us to stay true to this commitment.

Ignite Thought: If it your relationship with Jesus doesn’t cost you anything, it wouldn’t bless any much! What you left determines what you get!

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