moving Forward

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Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Command the Israelites to start moving
Exodus 14:15 NCV

When statements are made they are made for a certain purpose to be fulfilled. More so when the Almighty God himself is the one speaking. His words are powerful and creative.
The word that is coming to you today is not just an advice that could be considered, or a piece of an information to be ignored but a command that you have to obey.

Today you are standing in at a point where you either move ahead and succeed or stay where you are and perish. You have been pursued to a point of no return and your enemies know that this is the final elimination match someone must move ahead to reach his destiny and the other person must surely die in relegation. My prayer for you today is that you will not be the person to die but the person that is moving on
to the next level,to the other side of the Red Sea, to the place where there is plenty of milk and honey.

In life people are either moving upwards and forward or backwards and downward. When God therefore told Moses to go forward there are a lot of implications. It was to proceed to where he has determined to go to. His determination is to reach the land where milk and honey flows.There are so many of us who have always determined to go higher but the enemies have prevented us this is the day to have your determination fulfill. It is time to MOVE FORWARD.

You may not have money in your pocket now but the God that is urging you to move on is the great provider, the owner of the cattles on a thousand hills. Anytime we disregard the oppositions of life in response to God and move forward, whatever it is that is fighting us would give way. For the Israelites on that day two types of obstacles were removed. The geographical obstacle which was the Red Sea opened up for them to pass and the human obstacle which was Pharaoh and his army where also eliminated. Child of God, as you move forward today, whatever is blocking your way shall be removed in Jesus name.

I Declare: I will never again retreat because of the threat of the enemy, I will go forward to possess my portion and prosper in the land of my inheritance.

Ignite Thought: Life is not lived with intentions, but action. Make that move today!

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