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All this is done by God, who through Christ changed us from enemies into his friends and gave us the task of making others his friends also. 2 Cor 5:18 GNT

Most people have aspirations for their life. Some aim for a high-powered career or financial success, while others dream about having close friendships or impacting the world. But no matter what our personal goals may be, we should be aware of the vision God has cast for all of His children. He has given us the task of making his enemies become his friends through the good news of redemption.

But what does it mean to make people friends of God or disciples? Some Christians think this refers to just adding new church members. However, God is more interested in genuine heart change than numbers or external appearances. So He commissions each of His followers to lead others, first to saving faith in Jesus Christ and then to becoming active members in his family and army of reconciliation.

This command has not changed. Our Father still expects us to share the good news of the gospel, to teach people how to be followers of Jesus Christ, and to assimilate those who are saved into the local Church for fellowship and service. Are you living with God’s purpose as your guide? Ask Him for the courage to share His message of hope and love today.

I Declare: Father what an amazing privilege to be forgiven through your grace and be used as your mouthpiece to reconcile the lost and hurting world back to you. Enable me today and always to share the wonderful news that God has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ.

Ignite Thought: Those who have been reconciled with God, reconcile others to Him.

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