The helmet of salvation

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And take the helmet of salvation . . .
-Ephesians 6:17

Helmets are vital in protecting the head from serious injuries. The purpose of a Roman soldier’s helmet, just like any other helmet, was to protect his head, another critical area that needs to be guarded from fatal blows. The parallel of the soldier’s helmet in our spiritual armor is that the helmet of salvation protects our heads, or our thought life from the blows of the enemy.

Too many Christians are tormented in their thought life. They believe they have committed some terrible sin that cannot be forgiven, and the enemy capitalizes on that. He comes into your head and whispers, “I know what you did. It’s unpardonable. God won’t forgive you.” Satan tries to keep you on a guilt trip. But the helmet of salvation helps us know that though our sin was great, God’s love was greater.

The Roman helmet, like helmets today, protects the head from the attacks of the enemy. The helmet of salvation protects us spiritually from powerful attacks against our minds from the enemy. Without the helmet, we leave ourselves exposed on the spiritual battlefield. This week, as believers we are to be conscious and aware of the reality and assurance of our salvation in Christ Jesus. This confidence protects us from doubt and other attacks of the enemy which would weaken us when we face adversity or calamity.

I Declare: I am a child of God and I am forgiven for all my sins (Isaiah 43:25). For this reason, God cleanses me from all my iniquities and I am free from the consequences of my mistakes by grace through faith!

Ignite Thought: Salvation is a helmet, not a night cap.

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