Strap your booths with peace

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Your desire to tell the good news about peace should be like shoes on your feet. Ephesians 6:15 CEV

This third piece of armor is the gospel of peace that Paul associated with our feet. The Roman soldier wore heavy sandals with good tread. It gave them good traction when fighting. But they also enabled them to travel long distances. Their sandals allowed them to take the fight to the enemy rather than waiting for them to attack. Just as shoes are to a Roman soldier that’s what peace is to those who preach the gospel.

In Paul’s day, soldiers did not have land mines. Instead, they put sharpened spikes just under the surface of the ground, camouflaged with leaves or soft dirt around them. You will need a solid sandal or boots to stop the spikes from penetrating or else you will get badly injured. You could be outfitted in the most invincible armor from head down to your ankles, but it would be useless if the feet are not protected and kitted, you won’t be able to walk far, much less fight or march on stuff. So it was essential for soldiers to wear rugged boots designed for battle. Friends, our gospel would be limited, if we do not have truth in our hearts and peace on our feet.

Friends, Jesus commissions us to take the gospel with us, wherever and whenever we go. But In order to go, we need our feet kitted and protected. And when we go, we are to take the gospel of peace. All too often we are content to sit in our secure sanctuaries, safe from the devil in the company of other sequestered believers. And we are content to let the enemy ravage the world around us as long as he leaves us alone. But Jesus said to go. And we we are to go by strapping on our shoes with the gospel message. The good news that God loves us and has provided a redeemer for us. The good news that God is a father not an enemy; yes, the good news of peace.

I Declare: I decree and declare that Jesus is the prince of peace and I am a peace ambassador. Therefore I preach the gospel of peace with God and with men.

Ignite Thought: We take the battle to the enemy not with human weapons, but with the gospel of peace.

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