Fear no evil

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Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me. Psalm 23:4 NLT

From our text above, one can deduce and say that in life’s journey dark times are inevitable. They look different for all of us. Financial, medical, relational, spiritual…whatever is causing us to feel as if we’re walking in uncertainty or confusion, these are the dark times. These are the dark valleys of death. There is no going around them, because the only way to pass, is through them. A lot of people go through valleys alone. They stay there longer than they have to because they get lost. They are broken and scarred by the experience. They tough it out and make it through, but they are never the same. Then, there are those that have Jesus. We have to go through the same valleys, but their experience is different. They know they are not alone. Never. Jesus doesn’t just cheer us on from a distance, He walks through the darkness with us. He never leaves our side. The picture the Word paints is one of a shepherd walking with his beloved sheep.

You see, we are never alone when Jesus is our shepherd. That is not just something we tell children to comfort them when they have bad dreams. This is a truth to cling and build our faith on for all times, especially in these dark days. Jesus protects and guides us through the dark to get us to light. Listen for His voice, seek His leading, and trust He will never leave you.Perhaps you are currently going through a dark valley. Maybe there is a dark shadow that is trying to bring a cloud over your joy. If so, take a moment to carefully read over Psalm 23. I am sure that it will greatly encourage you.

As you begin to contemplate on this verse, a certain level of boldness, optimism will flood your mind and spirit. to every negative suggestion to fear, your first response should be, I will fear no evil. What if this cold is more than just a cold? I will fear no evil. What if I run out of cash and have more bills than money? I will fear no evil. What if something bad happens to my spouse? I will fear no evil. What if my kids go to school and fall in with the wrong crowd? I will fear no evil. What if I get into an accident? I will fear no evil. How would you respond to dark days in your life? Do you suffer a chronic expectation of the worst? If so, contemplate with me David’s reason as to why he said he would fear no evil.”… I will fear no evil; for You are with me …” Go ahead with this assurance and see every shadow of dead giving way to your shepherd who is life.

I Declare: I have nothing to fear because God is with me.God is carrying me through it, all i have to do is walk in His footsteps.

Ignite Thought: To every what if of the enemy, reply him with I WILL FEAR NO EVIL!

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