rejection is direction

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Finally, Abimelech said, “Isaac, I want you to leave our country. You have become too powerful to stay here.” Genesis 26:16 CEV

So many people hold on to relationships, people and places that have stopped serving the purposes of God for their lives to the point of overstaying their welcome. Sometimes they stay longer than necessary with the fear that moving on will mean losing all. What they don’t realize is that there is more ahead than in the past that you are holding on to.

Friends, God has no stationary friends, those who must do business with God must learn to always be on the move, especially when they are not longer needed in particular places, circles or ventures. Sometimes the relationships or environment becomes so toxic that insisting to stay means invitation for dead and irrelevance.

Today, if you find yourself in the place of strife and contention. Surrounded by the philistines “(those who are opposed to your progress and beliefs) then it is a sure sign that it is time to move forward and upward. Don’t cling too long to a toxic relationship or a situation that is taking too much of your time and spiritual energy. There is greatness and beauty in your future, what lies ahead of you is better than the past, but for you to access it, you have to move on. Yes move on from Esek and Sittnah, kiss them goodbye because Rehoboth is calling.

I Declare: I will not just survive the seasons of rejection and silence, I will thrive. I will prosper despite every difficulty. I know that every rejection is a setup for a redirection. I will not get stuck, give up or settle for less than what God has for me.

Ignite Thought: Sometimes rejection is God’s way of saying wrong direction.

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  1. Jiritmwa paul

    Thank you father for opening our eyes .may you give is spirit of discernment and help us move .

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