Small but mighty

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“Catch the foxes for us, The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards, While our vineyards are in blossom.”Songs of Solomon 2:15 NASB

Few days ago while going through one of my social media handles, I came across a statistics that brought our main text to light. The stats reads: Buffalos kill 7 people every year. Lions kill 500 people every year. Hippos kill 800 people every year. Spiders kill 5000 people every year. Scorpions kill 7000 people every year. Snakes kill 10000 people every year. And then, surprisingly, mosquitoes kill 2.7 million people every year. Yes, the smallest are the deadliest!

Small sins hardly noticed by many, are the most deadly to your spiritual life. No sin is secret, with time it must manifest. Satan has too much sense to tempt some people with gross sins. He knows very well that it would be time wasted and thrown away. We are fortified against the great evils that engulf many of the ungodly. But how about the little things that creep in and spoil the experience and interfere with our communion with the Holy Spirit?

It is one thing to protect a vineyard against the large animals that wander out upon the common, and quite another to guard against the little fox that creep through the cracks of the fence or underneath.
God has given us a command to be on the watch against the tactics of the enemy. Sometimes he comes through the little foxes. Let us watch every action, and every word, and every thought. Let us be careful not to neglect our duty.

I Declare: Dear lord, today I humbly ask that you expose and show me the little foxes in my vineyard. I arrest and resist them from destroying my fruitfulness in Jesus name.

Ignite Thought: Sin tolerated soon becomes sin celebrated!

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