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“Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ” Mathew 11:28

The first thing that Jesus says to us today is, “Come to Me…” Meaning we are allowed to come to God personally; there is nothing between Him and us. Yes, He is inviting us to come not just for coming sake, but that we may obtain rest for our souls.

God wants those who labour and are burdened, to come find rest. Those who are striving to do it all on their own and failing. Those you feel crumbling under the heavy laden of life’s situations. When you are heavy-laden it is like your spirit, mind, will, and emotions can’t function because there is this weight on you that you try to lift by yourself. It causes you to feel down, depressed, anxious, and all.

To learn how to rest in God takes time and it is a process. It’s like an onion. You peel through a layer and think that you have made it and learned what God’s rest is, only to find there is another layer for you to discover, learn and enjoy. It’s lifelong journey that only gets better and better if you let it. Ask God today what is the first, small step for you to find God’s rest and then do what He tells you to do.

I Declare: I DECLARE today that there is an anointing of rest and ease on my life. I will not continually struggle. What used to be difficult will not be difficult anymore. I am yoking together with Jesus and learning His ways.

Ignite Thought: Life is not always easy and light, but those who yoke with Jesus enjoy REST.

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