Priority determines capacity

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Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries…– Matthew 6:33-34 NLB

Worry is the first and easy thing we love to do because we think we care. We worry about our health and our wealth. We worry about our children and our parents. We worry! It is second nature to us. We worry because we care. We care about ourselves and about others. Who can fault us for that? But Jesus said instead of worry, we should Prioritize Him and His kingdom. His commandments, His desires, His love, should all be the centre of what we are and what we desire to be. All other entities find their position as a result.

Jesus was pretty clear when He said to forsake all and follow Him. What He said then, He means now too. Untill we let go out kingdom go, His kingdom will not come. Until we seek his kingdom and it’s righteousness first, the other things we seek will not be added to us. We are to push away anything that hinders us from putting our relationship with Him first. It’s not as if God doesn’t want us to try at anything in life. He just wants us to do it His way the first time, all the time. Of course He wants us to succeed, but He wants to do that in His righteousness not on our own schemes and power.

Sure, the Lord wants to give us blessing after blessing. He wants to open every window of Heaven and rain down gifts, both spiritual and natural, into our souls. He wants to fulfill the desires of our hearts. But most times we forget that all these things would not come because we pursue them; they’ll come because we put God first and follow Him in humble obedience and faith. When we give up our pleasure and seek His, He comes to the scene of our lives and takes care of things from there.
So I encourage you today, let Jesus Christ be at the forefront of your thoughts, when we prioritize Him, he enlarges our capacity to enjoy all things.

I Declare: I choose not to worry. I will not doubt. I will seek first the pleasure of the King and His way of doing things. I trust Him enough to bring all the things I need my way.

Ignite Thought: God honors us when He is honored as our top priority.

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