Timing and action

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of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command; 1 Chro 12:32 NKJV

The fairly insignificant tribe of Issachar, has much to teach us today. First, they understood the times. They had prophetic insight into what God was doing and were ready to make the changes necessary to flow with God’s purposes. In the time of the judges, it was Issachar that aligned with Deborah to fight against the Canaanites.The Lord needs people today who will look beyond their reason, culture and their past to see His intention and purpose.

The sons of Issachar were also noted as a people who knew what to do. They did not just know truth, but had the wisdom to know how to apply truth for the benefit of the whole nation. They were not just men of knowledge, but men of action and obedience. This characteristic was so needed in the establishment of David’s kingdom. These men would stand by David to help in the consolidation of a wounded and divided nation. They recognized God’s choice and added their gifts and callings to aid in the integration of the tribes under David’s authority.

These sons of Issachar hold a special place in the history of Israel, and provide an example for all of us throughout the ages. It is so necessary to understand the times, to know what to do and to be in unity under God’s ordained authority. What would happen if we had the ability to know what we ought to do to take our spiritual life or career to the next level in every season of our lives? How would our family or marriage crises pass away if we had the ability to know what we ought to do? Like the children of Issachar, those who know the times of life will lead and show others the way they ought to live maximally. As a believer, I believe you have better counsel than the children of Issachar: You are wired for greatness.

I Declare: Lord, thank you for the Holy Spirit that dwells in me, today I declare that my eyes are open to new understanding of the seasons in my life, I am equipped with the prerequisite wisdom to know what I need to do.

Ignite Thought: Timing is a strategy; to miss the timing is to miss the window of opportunity that comes with the season.

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