No Matter what, Give thanks!

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will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and call on the name of the LORD. Psalm 116:17

At first, I asked myself, how is it a sacrifice to give God thanks? Well, the truth is, sometimes it isn’t easy. Sometimes our humanity doesn’t want to thank God. But we are to thank God “in all circumstances” because this is God’s will for us. It is God’s will for us to thank Him always, everyday, no matter what we are going through. Not because the situation is pleasant, but because He is a good God and mindful of us. Do we always feel thankful all the time? Do we feel thankful in the times that we live in currently? I don’t think so, some of us may actually say no to some of these questions, but what if I said that it is during these times that we must strive our hardest to find something to be thankful about. It is these times that we must strive to offer up to God sacrifices of thanksgiving.

It isn’t a sacrifice to thank God when everything is going great. In fact, it is pretty easy to thank Him when we are joyful and happy. However, does being thankful during the good times make us any different than the rest of the world? We are to be set apart, a unique people, a different breed of people. What better way to show the world that we are different than by being thankful, even if, from all outside appearances we “shouldn’t” be. Just think how different we are from the world when we praise our Father and Christ during trials rather than grumbling or complaining.

We should never cease giving God sacrifices of thanksgiving. The truth is that the choice isn’t easy. To choose to focus on the joy you had with a loved one rather than the loss of them when they are gone is not easy. I know from experience. The choice to not fear when you listen to the news and to choose to trust God that He is in control isn’t easy but very possible. It is a sacrifice to refrain from complaining and negative speaking.

I Declare: Lord, I thank you because I know it is you that is at work in me, I to refuse to grumble and complain. Work out your good pleasure to the glory of your name.

Ignite Thought: A sacrifice of thanksgiving is not easy but it is possible!

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