Resisting the devil

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Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

The Christian life is a battle, a battle between light and darkness. The devil is the sworn enemy of our Savior and of course the believer, Satan’s greatest desire is to turn people away from Christ through his lies and deceit. Though he has no power outside the choice of the believer, he will capitalize on the sinful choices of the believer to wreck havoc, hence Paul’s counsel not to give him a place.

According to the Bible, Satan is alive and well, and for a Christian to function as if this is not a reality is a recipe for spiritual disaster. Ignoring him or throwing an object at him may not be the best way to resist him, we need to take withstanding him seriously. Peter says “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” whom we must be on guard to resist always. Satan wants to have us, and he will use every trick he can think of to try to make us untrue to God. And the closer we live to the Lord, the harder Satan will attack.

The best way to put Satan In his place is found in the words of James, we have to “resist the devil.” But to resist Satan we have to submit completely to God, take Him by His word and run away from anything that contaminates. Submission to God is itself an act of resistance to the devil. As we align our lives with God, the result becomes a growing resistance to the temptations of the devil and he loses any foothold and must have no option but to flee.”

I Declare: Today I bring all I am and all I represent under subjection to the headship of Christ. Satan and his gimmicks have no space in my life, I walk in obedience to Christ and punish every disobedience Satan brings to my life.

Ignite Thought:To think that we can resist Satan without humbly submitting our lives to God is the height of arrogance

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