Where are you looking at?

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Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a snake image and mount it on a pole. When anyone who is bitten looks at it, he will recover. Num 21: 8 CSB

Focus is knowing where to place your attention. On a daily basis, many things are competing for our focus and attention, from the things happening around us to the things God is speaking to our spirits. It is our choice to focus on whichever we want to, but the outcome of such choices is not in our hands. The outcome of our choices is in the places we decide to place our focus, in order words; it is focus that determines direction. Where you look up to in the day of trouble will determine where your help will come from.

The Israelites were beaten by fiery snakes because of their murmurings against God. As a remedy to the problem, when they cried unto God, God told Moses to lift up a brazen serpent on a pole, so that anyone who looked at it would be healed of the effect of the serpent’s bite. So you see clearly that the people had the choice to either look downwards to their situations (the serpents biting them) or to look upwards at the revelation of God to them (the serpent on the pole).

Child of God what we pay attention to by focusing on determines the revelation we receive. If we look downloads we get beaten, if we look up to His revelations, we have healing and restoration. For every situation in our lives, I believe there is a revelation in God’s word for us. Therefore we have a choice to either look at what is happening, or at what God is revealing through word. It is possible to ignore the situation by focusing on the revelation.

I Declare: Today I set my mind on things above that I may stay above all situations and distractions. My mind is focused on the Lord and He will enable me to accomplish all that I need to accomplish. My eyes are fixed on the revelation of His Word not the situations of the world.

Ignite Thought: Focusing on what God is revealing is more profitable than focusing on what is happening around us.

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