no more faith failure.

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And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.
Luke 22:32

Whenever the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, he does so by attacking our faith. Satan desires to sift us like wheat, so that we can give up on God but Jesus desires that our faith fails not. People don’t give up on life, they give up on God by giving up on faith. Faith in God is not a last resort when everything is going out of place; it is our first and only form of defense. The scriptures says the just shall live by faith. Let’s use a medical example to explain faith failure here. What doctors call “heart failure” simply means the heart is unable to do what it is supposed to do. When the heart fails to perform its function, we say it has failed. The same is true of faith. When our faith fails to do what it is supposed to do, it has failed.

Like in the case of Job, Satan loves to throw people into the sieve of pain and affliction, distraction and temptation, rejection and frustration. Just to shake them around over these jagged edges until they are so torn and weak and desperate that they let go of their faith and fall through the sieve as faithless people, right into his trap. But the devil is a liar! It is relatively unimportant to Satan whether we are healthy or sick, rich or poor; what he wants is to sift out our faith. If he can do it by suffering, he will try that; if he can do it by wealth, he will try that. The good news is, Jesus our high priest is praying that our faith withstand the assaults of the enemy.

There is a guarantee of strength and comfort to strengthen and comfort others, whenever we refuse to give up on God by giving up on faith. Child of God, after this you are coming out better and stronger; blessed to be a blessing, strengthened to be a strengthener, comforted to be a comforter not just comfortable. You will be rich to enrich others. You know why, God have no business increasing and strengthening you if you will end up devouring others!

I Declare: I have a rock solid, mountain moving, life transforming faith. My faith is anchored on the faith of Jesus, therefore it cannot fail. I win always because I have a faith that would not fail.

Ignite Thought: All fails, when faith fails! Your level of faith determines your level of life!

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