Guard your heart.

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Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Pro 4:23

We read in Proverbs that everything from our words, our thoughts, our choices, our decisions and our priorities comes from our hearts. When a heart is full of God’s love, beautiful words and ideas flow from it. And when it is full with hate, lies and darkness, all manner of evil flows out.
Are you paying attention to your heart? The wise writer of Proverbs warned us to guard our hearts. We need to protect our hearts against bitterness, impatience, and greed, against jealousy, idolatry, anger and deception. These traits will overtake our hearts if we let them. We must also guard our hearts against unsafe people, unhealthy relationships, and ungodly activities and entertainment. There is no middle ground, what you allow into your heart determines the direction your life takes. Jealously guard your heart for your good and for God’s glory!

I Declare: Lord, please help me to protect my heart from the influence of sin and Satan. I yield my heart as a ground for your will to find expression on the earth.

Ignite Thought: Whatever you allow into your heart permeates your life.

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