take responsibility!

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People ruin their lives by their own stupidity,
    so why does God always get blamed? Prov 19:3 MSB

One of the most tragic things to witness in life is someone whose life is bereft of the peace and love of God, struggling to find purpose and direction in life and turning their anger towards God in frustration. When we feel entitled to a good life, outside the will of God, we are on a one-way flight to disappointment. When we are new to our faith, we may view God’s wisdom and commands as a set of rules to follow so we don’t get in trouble. As we mature and enjoy the benefits of God’s grace, usually the realization sets in; God’s rules KEEP me out of trouble and strife. 

 But we often lash out at those who want to guide us in another direction when we face hardship in our lives. We grumble against doctors after an unfavorable prognosis, lament over our teachers when we receive a failing grade, or lambast our boss after a poor performance review. Looking not at how their feedback is in our best interests, we make the problem THEM and not us.

 So it’s only logical that we may be tempted to blame God when the world doesn’t seem fair. We can compare our lives to others and feel like God is specifically against us when, in reality, we are our own worst enemies. We may look at other believers in our lives and feel like they have it all together, that God shows them special favor, and they don’t struggle the way we do. This is folly. We all enjoy the benefit of our actions and inactions, the best way to enjoy life is to stop the blame game. Wise up, align with God and save yourself the needless pain.

I Declare: Lord, thank you for loving me enough and showing me the path of life. Today I declare that I will not be foolish in choosing a particular path then turn around and blame you and others. I refuse to use my hands to ruin my life!

Ignite Thought: When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action. You can’t have one without the other.

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