They won’t always understand.

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When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind. Mark 3:21

Perhaps you have had a time when it felt like no one in the world understood what you were going through or why you were doing something. That also happened to Jesus, and in this situation his family “went to take charge of him.” They must have thought Jesus was no longer able to live on his own—and they might have been embarrassed by him and for him. They wanted to take him home, perhaps to keep him protected and away from the public eye.

Mark tells us that when Jesus’ family arrived at the place where he was teaching, they couldn’t get into the house, so they sent a message inside to say they were looking for him. And Jesus’ response was probably confusing, at least at first: “Who are my mother and brothers? . . . Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

Here again we see the kind of living that Jesus calls us to. He is focused on the will of God the Father. His family doesn’t understand, so they think he is out of his mind. In fact, they are the confused ones; they have replaced the Father’s will with their own wills. But like Jesus, we are called to serve God first, even when others think we are out of our minds.

I Declare: Lord, thank you for revealing your Will for my life, I declare today that I would rather obey God than please men.

Ignite Thought: If you please God it doesn’t matter who is displeased. If you displease God it doesn’t matter whom you please. Choose who to please wisely!

2 thoughts on “They won’t always understand.”

  1. Calvin Kimbi

    This sparks up some old memories on how the start of my Christian experience was like.
    And I was almost forgetting how it was like then, almost wanting people to understand most things, but I’ve seen that’s not really Possible.
    It’s really amazing how sometimes, being human, I just feel like someone should at least understand, and I get hurt when no one does.

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