Wait In Your Ark

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Then he waited another seven days and sent forth the dove, but she did not return to him any more.
Genesis 8:12 AMPC

The flood was on the earth for 40days, rain after rain, day after day and after that it took a 150days for the water level to drop(7:24) He waited an additional 40 days before trials and then the sign he required finally came

Noah waited 245days on God, that is 8 months and 2weeks in today’s calendar, he was in an enclosed space, an uncomfortable place yet he waited. When the flood was calm, when it roared , Noah waited. How often do we chose to leave our ark in a bid to check just how much better than the world we are, how many times do we get impatient and go on to find our own solutions, jumping through fire thinking- this is it, our big moment??
Noah didn’t stumbled upon the ark, he was lead to build and then dwell in it and then wait in it. Find your ark and wait until your dove doesn’t return.

I Declare:Today I declare that I will not leave my ark until the master builder says so. I will wait upon the Lord whatever the cause. Help me to obey till my last breath.

Ignite Thought: God cannot have covenants with men that cannot wait on Him, His timing, His purpose and His instructions.

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