when Jesus opens our hearts

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She was a worshiper of God. The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message. Acts 16:14

Lydia was a wealthy businesswoman. She was also a worshiper of God. Paul met her and some other women gathered for prayer outside Philippi on the day of worship. When Paul shared the good news of Jesus with them, God opened Lydia’s heart to believe and be baptized, committing her life to Christ.

When God opens our hearts to believe this amazing message, we are filled with joy, comfort, and new life. The Lord ­changes us from the inside out, and we want to live joyful lives of gratitude because of that transformation. It’s not a burden; nor is it done just out of obligation. We delight in obeying and praising God as an expression of the change that has happened within.

Lydia’s dynamic coming to faith resulted in her household being baptized as well. She persuaded Paul and his companions to stay at her home while they were in Philippi. She extended hospitality as a true expression of her new faith in Jesus. And by staying in her home—a non-Jewish home—Paul was also showing the grace and love of God. Is your home a secluded fortress or a haven for hurting souls? Are you using your gifts and abilities to do what you can, where you are?

I Declare: Father, thank you for opening my heart to the gospel. I declare that all I am and all I have are opened to be of service to God, His people and his agenda. Help me to reflect your ongoing work in me so that others can see it too and believe.

Ignite Thought: So much can happen in a lifetime when we open our hearts to Jesus

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