THE SALTY Christian

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“You are the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13a CSB

If you ever lose electricity, a good way to preserve the meat in your fridge is to rub it with good dry-rub salt. The salt draws out the moisture from the cells so that bacteria cannot thrive, resulting in dry meat that can last for months or even years without refrigeration.

This method has been used for centuries. When Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth,” he may have been referring to a number of things that salt does, like adding flavor or purifying. Most likely, though, he was speaking of salt’s ability to preserve. The world can seem rotten sometimes. “Christians have the effect of delaying moral and spiritual decay. “If their lives conform to the norms of Jesus, they cannot help but be an influence for good in society”.

The world needs ordinary Christians who love Jesus and who are committed to following his ways. When these Christians live in this deteriorating world, they help to stop some of the decay.

Jesus doesn’t say that we should be salt. He says we are salt. Trust that as you follow him, he will use you to help stop some of the decay around you by his Spirit. That’s why the “you” is an emphatic pronoun. It means “you and you alone” – there is nothing else! – “you are the salt of the earth”. There is no substitute for the Church. There is nothing like the Church. It is as unique as one of the most unique things on planet earth. Salt.

I Declare: I am salt, I am uniquely distinctive, I am useful and influential. I bring preservation, taste and purification to my world.

Ignite Thought: As believers and disciples of Jesus, we bring taste to unsavoury situations.

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