The Staff That Budded

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Aaron’s staff . . . had not only sprouted but had budded, blossomed and produced almonds. Numbers 17:8

It was a miraculous, incredible sign. God said, “The staff belonging to the man I choose will sprout.” A dead stick would come to life!One staff from each tribe, including Aaron’s staff for the tribe of Levi, was placed before the Lord in the tabernacle. And by the next day, Aaron’s staff had not only sprouted, but it had also budded, blossomed, and grown almonds. It had gone through all the stages of fruitfulness.

Aaron’s staff was a sign that his family was chosen by God to do the work of priests—offering sacrifices and prayers to God for the people. It was a gracious sign that God was with his people to give them light and life.

Circumstances can only affect you for a moment when God delights in you. He can, and He will rise to distinguish you irrespective of the rumor, the failures, the accusations and the pains trying to make yourself relevant and acceptable.The God that proved Aaron’s call and service with an amazing overnight distinction will also prove you very soon. He will put an end to the many rumors and distractions you have been facing in life.

I Declare: Thank you lord for chosing me to bear your name, today I declare that every dead thing in my life comes alive. It blossoms and bears fruit because I am the chosen of God.

Ignite Thought: Those who serve the lord correctly are distinguished from those that do not.

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