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“So no inheritance will be transferred from one tribe to another tribe, for the tribes of the sons of Israel shall each retain possession of its own inheritance.” Numbers 36:9 NASB

The book of Numbers ends with what Israel had hoped for when the Lord brought them out of Egypt: gaining an inheritance. The daughters of Zelophehad were graciously given the inheritance of their father (Numbers 27). And then a new question arose: What would happen to their property if they should marry a man from another tribe? Which tribe would inherit the land? The Lord’s solution was that no inheritance should pass from one tribe to another. Each tribe was to retain the land that God had given. In this way, no family or tribe would lose their inheritance.

There are all sorts of reasons why God wants to do this. One reason that He wants land to stay within families and stay within tribes is He does not want Israel to become a place where there is gross economic disparity. You remember the later prophets often say to Israel, “Woe to him who adds field to field.” Now some of us twenty-first century Christian capitalists would say what’s wrong with that? That’s a sign of growth. Well, to God and Israel, that would mean an inequality of opportunity for a family to support itself, because one family would possess great land, while another is squeezed out of having one to call their own and cater for their families. Our text today addresses this issue so that there are no tremendous disparities of economic opportunity in Israel.

Friends, God’s fidelity can be seen in his intention that inheritance be passed down from generation to generation. He wants every of His children to have something to pass down to the next. In other words, God wants His promises to be experienced generationally. He wants generation after generation to look back and say, “You know, the Lord has been faithful to us.” You know, some of you can’t give those testimonies of what the Lord has done in your family from generation to generation, but the Lord wants His promises and blessings to be experienced generationally. Don’t pass it off, pass it on!

I Declare: Lord today I declare that my generation shall commend your works to another. I shall pass down every blessing and godly legacy to those coming after me.

Ignite Though: The God we serve is a generational God, therefore His blessings should last through generations.

2 thoughts on “Pass It On.”

  1. John Augustine Okpe

    Amen. God wants us to be successful in all side. This has been his desire for man.
    Thank you pastor. I really haven’t thought of it this way.
    Thank you and may the Lord continue to increase the grace upon your life Sir.

  2. Sarah Allabeh

    Lord grant me the Grace to pass down every blessing and Godly heritage to those coming after me. Amen

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