Through Christ Alone

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I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13

The human being God created has the awesome potential of doing many great things. I believe most people like the Apostle Paul have their share of ups and downs. Times of plenty, dining on fine food and sleeping in warm bed. And times of great want, going to sleep hungry and without having a bed at all or even a blanket to keep warm and dry.

It is situations like that that taught Paul contentment. One learns to be content in good times without forgetting that they are a gift from God, and one learns to be content in bad times without forgetting that the Lord is still with you. But here’s the real secret: the ability to adapt to such situations is not our strength. Paul says he can do all this only through the one who strengthens him.

Note that this means not only being content when times are tough, but also being grateful when times are good. It takes the grace of God for people to remember God when He blesses them. Both require a kind of strength, and this comes from Christ alone. This is the message ­woven in out text today. Without Jesus, we are nothing. With Jesus, we can do all things. Whatever situation you find yourself today, we want you to know that God can give you the inner energy to stand out victoriously and glorify His name.

I Declare: I am strengthened by the power of the Spirit of Christ living and working in me. I have strength to do all that is required whenever and wherever through the strength of Jesus at work in me.

Ignite Thought: Without Jesus, we are nothing. With Jesus, we can do all things.

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