Our God Is Limitless

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Yes, again and again they tempted God, And limited the Holy One of Israel.

Psalm 78:41

The God we serve is infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-capable. There is no limit to He can do. But how can we claim that God is limitless when our text says that the Israelites limited God? Glad you asked. The word “limited”, used by the King James Version, is rendered differently in a variety of translations. However, the verses surrounding verse 41 certainly make a good case for the use of “limited” in this context. Whenever we turn our backs on God, test his ability and forget the things he has done for us, we limit his mighty hand from working for us.

Like Israel of old, we too at times have “limited God”. Not necessarily deliberately, but we still often diminish our expectations of His endless power on our behalf. Whenever we consider Him as less than omnipotent, doubt His constant willingness to bless and forget the things he has done for us in and through Christ we limit Him from working in and through us. Friends, regardless of the omnipotent power of God, we can minimize God’s unlimited power by erroneous thinking and speech. Some of them even ask, can God? Even after they have seen Him do the things they were asking already.

Today, don’t limit God’s ability to provide supernaturally. Don’t limit God and what He can do for you and through you. Don’t underestimate God’s limitless ability to protect you and your family. Don’t put boundaries on God and what changes He can bring in and through your life. Don’t limit the Holy One of Israel! Decide not to diminish your expectation of our limitless God.

I Declare: Lord, today I acknowledge the fact that you are a limitless God, I declare that what You cannot do does not exist. Help me not to minimize the victory of the cross on my behalf, i magnify my expectations because of the finish work of Calvary!

Ignite Thought: Expectation is the breeding place of manifestation. The quality of our lives is in our expectations.

1 thought on “Our God Is Limitless”

  1. John Augustine Okpe

    We limit God’s power sometimes by also trying to do God’s part for him by trying to decide for God how what we are expecting shouldcome or play out. When we say we trust someone we believe the person can handle affairs with out any supervision. Trusting God is far more reliable than trusting human,but still we assume the place of deciding how the miracle or expectation should happen. This in itself is limiting God.
    Thank you pastor for revealing this truth to us.

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