The Power of Restrained Words

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    “He who restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.” – Proverbs 17:27 NASB

Proverbs provides practical guidelines to test our true character by examining our words and actions and by evaluating how we react to situations we face. Sometimes we feel the depth of our knowledge is in how much of what we say. At other times we feel we must fight every battle and win every argument. The problem is that this approach forces us to say more than is necessary and at the end we hurt people more than we heal them.

The Bible says that those who restrain their words have real and genuine knowledge. They are not rash to speak or act. They trust in God, depending on Him. These people have a “cool spirit.” Trusting in God, they can be calm in all circumstances. They never need to panic, be afraid, or make rash statements. They have a real understanding. They are sensitive to His Spirit and listen for His leading. They trust Him and have the patience to wait on Him.

Today, commit every situation you face to God. Trust the outcome to Him. Let Him take away your fears and give you the right words to say when you have to speak and the right perspective. Stand on His Word. Ask Him for discernment to calm your heart and mind. Be confident that He will guide and help you.

  My Declaration And Confession: Today I set a bridle over my tongue through the power of the holy Spirit. I am calm and have a cool spirit. I operate in deep understand.

Ignite Thought: Like all powers, the power in your words can either build or destroy. Use them wisely!

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