God’s Strategies

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“Pharaoh will think, ‘The Israelites are lost; they’re confused. The wilderness has closed in on them.’ Then I’ll make Pharaoh’s heart stubborn again and he’ll chase after them. And I’ll use Pharaoh and his army to put my Glory on display. Then the Egyptians will realize that I am God.””

Exodus 14:3-4 Message.

Have you ever been in what seemed like an impossible situation? The situation before us today is such; here was Moses with Pharaoh’s army chasing them on one side and on the other the massive Red Sea. We have phrases we use to describe these type situations when we are stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. Sometimes we say we are between a rock and a hard place or we’re between the devil and the deep blue sea. So what do we do when we face choices like Moses faced that day? The Israelites themselves seemed perplexed. Under God’s direction, they appeared to be “wandering around the land in confusion

The Israelites might have looked trapped, but the Egyptians didn’t realize they were following an amazing strategy designed by God. In fact, the Israelites themselves didn’t really understand His plan. After all, they were unarmed, trapped between a great army and a massive body of water. Justifiably, many Israelites were bewildered and afraid. Some wished they had stayed in Egypt. Many were prepared to give up! No person could have conceived of God’s plan or acted in the way He designed. But His plan worked perfectly and led to a total victory.

God has a way of making the enemy think he has the upper hand until the chips are down. The Israelites did not know that the Egyptians themselves were full of fear (Exodus 15:14-16). Friends, we might not understand where we are today in our journey of life, ours is to trust God in the situations we face. As we commit our ways to Him and seek His wisdom and His strategies, we may not understand His plans, but we can be certain that He will come through, even in conditions that seem impossible and with unexpected methods.

My Declaration And Confession: Today I navigate through life with divine strategies. I command extraordinary victory as I follow the leadership of the Spirit.

Ignite thought: Never mistake a detour on the road to destiny as an end of the road. Delay is not always defeat!

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