What Prayer Can Do!

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Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth.

James 5:17  (ESV)

Many approach prayer as something they must do, a routine while others see it as just sending a polite greeting card to heaven. To others it is just communication with the divine, so they say a few nice sentences and off they go, without knowing and appropriating the power there of in prayers.

James describes a different kind of prayer through a different understanding of prayer. In fact he says that the “effective fervent prayer avails much.” Meaning there is a kind of prayer that accomplishes much beyond sending a nice greeting card or just mumbling word. There is a kind of prayer that accomplishes great things, prayers that open doors and makes tremendous power available for real change and miracles. It is those that have experience the potency of prayer that can say what God cannot do does not exist.

How do we experience the possibility and potency of these kinds of prayers? Scriptures says this kind of prayers must be effective and fervent; meaning that genuine prayer is not a routine or ritual but actually a release of spiritual energy and enablement for extraordinary deeds. And the good news is, everyone can have such impact in the place of their prayers. It is available to all, scriptures say Elijah has a nature just like ours, he was human subject to failings and frailties, yet he engaged in this kind of prayers. He prayed “earnestly” and something great happened. Put the right energy and faith in your prayers today and see great things happen!

My declaration and confession: Today I recognise that the power to answer prayers is in the hands of God and not the man praying. Therefore I declare that I will ask God for big things in my life and it will come to pass!

Ignite Thought: The intensity you put into prayers would determine the velocity to your answers.

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