Disobedience Is Expensive

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But now your kingdom will not last. The Lord has searched for a man after his own heart. The Lord has appointed him as ruler of his people, because you didn’t follow the command of the Lord.”

1 Sam 13:14 God’s Word

It takes only a little reflection from life to realize that disobedience is very expensive. From Adam to King Saul, we discover the high cost of disobedience. The world we live in is not the good world our good God originally created it to be; disobedience to God and His instructions has brought a tragic consequence to man and all that he has on the face of the earth. Disobedience is a deliberate choice, rooted in unbelief and pride acted in defiance to God and His will revealed through the scriptures. At this point King Saul disobeyed God by acting contrary to specific instructions and the after effect of such was an outright rejection from the throne by God.

Even one bad choice can bring long lasting consequences, successive bad choices can bring catastrophic results. Our disobedience doesn’t just affect us, there are consequences for everyone around us too. Saul was the Lord’s chosen king for the Israelites, but rather than trusting that God knew best, Saul’s ego took first place in his heart. When it did, disobedience—doing things his way—became his undoing. Saul lost everything by losing sight of the only thing that mattered: his relationship with the one, true King. And the consequence was that no man in his family would taste kingship again. Though it was the will of God for Saul to have enjoyed kingship and passed same to his descendants, consistent disobedience to divine instructions made him forfeit his destiny in God. 1 Samuel 15 gives us a progression of Saul’s gradual decline in obedience and the after effect.

My declaration and Confession: Lead me Lord, in the righteous path that you would have me go, help me not to rely on my own human knowledge and strength, but help me to depend totally on your godly wisdom and power. I bring my self will under captivity to the obedience of Christ.

Ignite Thought: Disobedience is always more costly than obedience.

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  1. I will not be replaced. I will not be rejected. By the grace of God my father, I will remain on track to fulfill my purpose. Amen

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