Fire On The Altar

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The fire must always be burning on the altar. It must never go out. The priest will burn wood on it every morning. He will lay the burnt offering on the fire and burn the fat of the fellowship offering.

Leviticus 6:12 God’s Word

The absence of fire on a lot of altars is traceable to the emptiness on such altars. A careful study of God through the lens of the scriptures would reveal to us that fire doesn’t fall on empty altars. There has to always be sacrifice on the altar for the holy fire of God to fall.

Paul in his epistle to the Romans urges the believers in his day to consider their lives a living sacrifice and to offer it to Gods altar as a reasonable means of worship. We cannot be a living sacrifice without Gods fir burning us. It is the continual burning of the fire on the altar first signifies that God as the holy fire in the universe is ready to receive (burn) what is offered to Him as worship. God’s receiving us is His burning us. When we are burned by God, we should be happy because this burning means that God is receiving and purging us.

If we are willing to lay our lives, finances, time and resources on God’s altar, God is ever committed to ignite them with His fire. He wants us to be on fire for Him without burning so that others can see His fire through us and be attracted to Him like Moses. The purpose of the fire is not to consume us but to purify us and make us a living sacrifice, an offering of a sweet smelling odor. If you want the fire of God in and through your life, then it is time to lay your life and all on the altar. Remember fire doesn’t fall on empty altars.

My declaration and confession: Lord, may my life be a living sacrifice on your altar. As long as i live, there would always be something on the altar for your fire to consistently burn!

Ignite Thought: God’s fire does not fall on empty altars; if we want the fire of God, we must be the living sacrifice of God.

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