Don’t Settle for less!

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If it pleases you, we would like this land to be given to us. Don’t make us cross the Jordan River.

Numbers 32:5 (NCV)

God has invited the children of Israel and promised them the land of Canaan as a possession. The promised land was just across the river, but because the land near river Jordan was lush green and looked good for grazing; the children of Reuben and Gad consumed by selfishness demanded of Moses to allow them settle in lush ground as against the promised land as directed by God. They placed the interests of their animals above the promises of God. This is highly detrimental to our destiny in God.

Many times in life we get distracted by the green lands around us and the immediate advantage they will be to us, that we are tempted to settle for less than what God has in store for us. Remember Lot? Thank God Moses refused them their desire. Friends, regardless of how beautiful and attractive life around you seems, never desire to settle for anything out of God’s plan for your life.

Let your gaze today be on God and His promise for us. Our Christian walk must be marked by a holy discontent with the earthly pleasures and treasures even in the face of seeming difficulty. Never be satisfied with the things around you.

It is time to long for Christ and the riches of His kingdom. Refuse to be distracted by the side attractions that are just for a moment!

My declaration and confession: Lord today I receive an unquenchable thirst for things only you can satisfy. I am not settling for less than what you have promised me.

Ignite Thought: It is highly detrimental to place our selfish interests above the promises of God.

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