When Less Is More

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Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer.

Proverbs 25:4 (KJV)

In Malachi 3:3 God is described as a silversmith that purifies His people. God uses the different trials and experiences of our lives to keep refining us. When we go through some difficult times, it could be God melting away the dross off our lives, so that His glory can shine brighter.

If you sense an area in your life that God is putting some fire on, don’t run away from it or think you are being punished for some wrong you did; no it is God helping you do away with excess baggage. When He is done, you will come out shining and more valuable.

The dross are the things that are holding us back. The process of purification may be painful today but be assured it will be gainful tomorrow. When going through the fire, know that God will not let you burn. You will come out shining.

My declaration and confession: Father , you know the away I take, after you have tried me, I will come forth like gold in the matchless name of Jesus!

Ignite Thought: God’s purpose for taking us through the fire is to polish us not to punish us!

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