Taste And Feast

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O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Psalm 34:8 (KJV)

Tasting is the cautious step people take to find out if what they are tasting would be good and suitable for consumption. People don’t stop at tasting, whenever they find out that what they have tasted is good, they go ahead to feast on it without reservation.

Our appetite invites us to taste; to examine and see how good God is. After tasting and discovering that the Lord is good, believers should go beyond tasting to feasting on the Lord’s goodness. Because, barely tasting something does not cause it to satisfy your hunger.

In I Sam 14:23-30 we see through the life of Jonathan, the infinite possibilities of feasting on that which we have tasted and seen that it is good. If Jonathan had experienced such a flow of fresh energy from just tasting of a little amount of honey, imagine what would have happened if the whole army of Israel had taken a part of the bounty.

If great peace, power, joy and breakthrough can be gotten from taking just a little dose of the Word or tarrying just for a little while in His presence, what would happen if we feast on the WORD and tarry in His presence? It is time we move from glancing to beholding, let’s go beyond tasting to see and start feasting to know and become.                                                                              

My declaration and confession: Lord, help me not to walk away after tasting of your goodness. I want to dwell in your presence and feast at your table.

Ignite Thought: Tasting does not satisfy our hunger. When we taste, we see. Only when we feast, do we know and become!

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