Service: The Path To Greatness

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“What is your request?” he asked. She replied, “In your Kingdom, will you let my two sons sit on two thrones next to yours?”

But among you it is quite different. Anyone wanting to be a leader among you must be your servant.

Matthew 20:21, 26 (TLB)

Many of us go through life with the big ambition of being great and successful, and there is nothing wrong with the desire for greatness. As long as we are willing to follow the path and pay the price with Jesus. The mother of Zebedee’s sons met Jesus and wanted Him to give special honor to her two sons above the others, Jesus didn’t turn her down but responded with love by showing her the path to honor.

When it comes to Jesus and the people that follow Him, it is good to note that the path to greatness is not position of power but humility in service. Later He told his disciples that those who want to be great must learn to serve. We don’t beg or lobby our way to greatness, we serve our way to greatness in the kingdom.

To many people, this does not make sense, it seems upside down and yes that is how it works with Jesus, the way up is by going down. Jesus lived and demonstrated this truth, and because He reigns forevermore, humble service would always be the path to great success. Let’s receive this grace and show the world the amazing power of service through humility. With Jesus the way up is down.

My declaration and confession: Lord I receive the grace to serve you sincerely and my generation gracefully.

Ignite Thought: In the economy of God we rise by service. We don’t wish to become great we serve to become great.

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