Willingness Weds Obedience

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If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

Isaiah 1:19 (KJV)

Imagine Peter, with all his experience as a professional fisher man toiling all night without a catch. Imagine the frustration of doing all you can, the best way you can, without any evidence to prove that your effort was good enough. This was the story of Peter in Luke 5:1-7.

But all of that changed the moment Peter willingly donated his boat to Jesus, and decided to obey a simple instruction. That tells us that situations don’t change because we exert efforts, our situations change when we marry willingness with obedience. I so much believe you are certain instructions away from the wonder you have always dreamt of becoming. A preacher once said that, a wonder is anything that makes you wonder! This was the situation in the case of Peter.

The moment he decided to obey Jesus regardless of his fishing and fruitless experience, the same boat, the same net, in the same sea brought a mighty catch that his boat began to sink. Question is where did all the fish suddenly appear from?  When we obey God, He amplifies our steps and make our efforts begin to yield wonderful fruits. The key to enjoying the best in that sea of your endeavor, is complete obedience to the instructions of God in that area; not toiling and claiming!

My declaration and confession: Today I declare, because I walk in willingness to your will and in obedience to your instructions; I enjoy the good of the land and bear my fruit in and out of season!

Ignite Thought: It is the willing and obedient that eats the good of the land, not the toiling and claiming.

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