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Do not bring any of these idols into your homes, or the same curse will be on you that is on them. You must hate and despise these idols, because they are under the Lord’s curse.

Deuteronomy 7:26 (GNT)

To the child of God both his heart and his environment are supposed to be rid of all that God hates, because the contaminate. Our text today is focused on foreign gods that were to be destroyed and how the Israelites were asked not to even desire the silver or gold that were used in adorning these idols. This is because the idols were set for destruction and those who bring them into their spaces were invariably bringing upon themselves the destructions pronounced on the idols.

You may say I’d never bring an idol into my house, however how many things do we bring into our hearts and houses; from thoughts, to entertainment, decorations and even what we consume that are an abomination unto the Lord. We need to honestly examine the things we bring into our spaces and get rid of those that do not glorify God.

Next time you bring something into your space or entertain a thought in your heart which is the temple of God, weigh it carefully to see if it glorifies God, edifies the saints or not, less you bring destruction on yourself, and like Achan on those who travel alongside with you. A pure heart attracts God and His blessings, an impure heart attracts the devil and his evil.

My declaration and confession: Lord help me to saturate my mind and space with things that glorify you and edify others. Evil has no place in and around me in Jesus mighty name!

Ignite Thought: Fill your life and space with good to the point there is no space for evil.

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