No Excess Baggage

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They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23 (KJV)

The believer in Christ is both protected and sustained by the grace and lovingkindness of God. There is no degree of satanic assault that can consume a person operating under the covenant of God’s loving kindness. It is in view of this covenant reality that we cannot afford to carry the excess baggage of yesterday’s failures and disappointment into this brand new day.

With God, each day comes to us as a clean slate, everything old has been done away with by the blood of the lamb and God is giving us another opportunity to start afresh again. Regardless of where you have fallen and what you have done, there are new mercies for new dreams and achievements. His faithfulness is greater than our failures. It is time to unburden ourselves and walk in the liberty not just of a new year, but of a new reality, that we now have in Jesus.

For a believer in Christ, there is no future in the past. The past is past no matter how glorious it was. And in light of your future, no excess baggage is allowed either from past failures or success. It is time to lay hold on new mercies for greater accomplishments with God. Lay aside the baggage of the past, everything is now new.

My declaration and confession: “Today I decree and declare that no baggage in my past has a hold on me. I am a new creature created for good works”.

Ignite Thought: For a believer in Christ, there is no future in the past. The past is past, no matter how glorious it was!

4 thoughts on “No Excess Baggage”

  1. Indeed the new year is a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank Cheque. I am grateful to GOD for this opportunity to start afresh

  2. Olushola Ezekiel

    This is great blessing to me. I decree, no baggage is allow with on me to living a victorious life God has given me. Thank You Pa.

  3. Thanks Ignite thought. This was timely. May the Almighty brighten the ideas of the ignite thoughts.

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