New Roads And Rivers

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I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19b (NLT)

In our past studies, we have seen God calling us out of old experiences into the new ones, it’s a call from captivity into liberation and redemption. God does not just want us to see what He is saying and doing, but out of His gracious benevolence He also wants us to walk in what He’s saying and showing.

In our text today, God decided to introduce us to His person and His character; He is the Lord, The Holy One of Israel, our Creator and King, He makes a way in the wilderness and a path through the mighty sea, because of His antecedence we can be assured that He will refresh us in the midst of dry times and tough journeys. He will make roads for us where there seem to be no way and He will bring out refreshing water where others say it is dry wilderness. For whatever you are thirsty for, we have a promise that God would make rivers available. You shall drink and be full.

Today there is a new road that leads you to rivers of refreshing provisions. He has gone ahead of us to make the crooked roads straight and turn every wilderness in to an oasis. Praise Him in advance as we take hold of what He has in store for us. New Roads and Rivers!  

My declaration and confession: “Today I declare that my new road is clear and it leads me to rivers of refreshing provision the remaining days of my life”.

Ignite Thought: For every thirst, there is a river available to satisfy.

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