Watch Out For The New

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For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

Isaiah 43:19a (NLT)

Since the beginning of time, God has been actively involved with man in doing new things. His mercies are new every morning. One of the things you will never catch God in is the old, because He himself does not age. Since He is the God who never changes but always changes things, in our passage today He calls us to a place of expectation for something new. It is like there is never a time God is not doing something new or preparing something new. Scientists say even the cells in our bodies are continually renewed and regenerated.

Child of God, in this New Year our eyes must be watchful, our hearts open and expectant for the newness that God is bringing into our lives. He is constantly working to bring in changes and newness to every facets of our lives. People that use to recognize you with certain labels and in certain places would not be able to do so anymore because God is using every day of your life to usher in the incredible and amazing newness of a better life. Brace up for amazing turn arounds, welcome to a new you!

God is committed to performing great things in our lives, but these thigs are to the degree of what we see. He said to Abraham as far as you can see, he said to Jeremiah because you have seen well I will hasten my word to perform (Jer. 1:12). In other words the accuracy of our sight would determine the speed of His performance.

My declaration and confession: My eyes are open; My ears are attentive; My mind is receptive to new opportunities this new year.

Ignite Thought: The accuracy of our sight determines the speed of His performance.

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