It’s A New Year

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The Lord says, “Forget what happened before, and do not think about the past.

Isaiah 43:18 (NCV)

Happy New Year and welcome to a brand new experience. This is a new year with new spiritual adventures and experiences; and we feel honored to let you know that beyond a new date on the calendar God has amazing new opportunities for you and all yours.

It will be good to note ahead of time that what will make this year a new year indeed would not be a new date but a new you with new expectations and experiences. The text before us today admonishes us to forget the former things, the disappointments, sad memories of lost opportunities, regrets over what we wished we had done or achieved in the years gone by, our God is making everything new. Brace up your mind for a year full of new and gracious opportunities!

There’s nothing in this year that will resemble the pains and the regrets of the past years. But it will take a new mindset to enjoy the New Year. We bless each day of this year for you and we decree and declare that it will usher in the best of God for you in greater dimensions, we see this year aligning you with the best of God for your life. God is making your assignment accepted and celebrated.

My declaration and confession: “I decree and declare that the past does not have a hold on me; I am free to embrace the new”

Ignite Thought: It takes a new mindset to enjoy a New Year.

3 thoughts on “It’s A New Year”

  1. Joseph B. Gatis

    Congratulations to the Family. I’m blessed to eat of this bread. Cheers! New Year New Mindset.

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