FAITH IS a vital aspect of the Christian faith, it stands as the central theme of our relationship with God. Scriptures says we are saved by grace but it is through faith. Anything we do in the kingdom, if it is not born and borne in faith it is a sin Rom 14:23, because without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrew 11:6

The new life we have and now share in Christ would have to be lived by faith (Gal 2:20,Habakkuk 2:4). Like oxygen to the human heart, so is faith to the Christian’s spirit. It is through faith that we subdue kingdoms and win impossible battles, Jesus said by faith all things are possible. Faith is therefore what brings us into the God-class of life. Things that are only possible with God become possible to the man that operates in faith. So if faith is this important to our relationship with God and our victorious life here on earth, the question therefore arises, how do I access it? Glad you asked!

Romans 10:17 lets us know that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, so it is safe to say that we get faith by hearing consistently the word of God, remember Mathew 4:4 says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. It is the consistent flow of God’s word that births faith. This faith comes to all men as a gift in a measure according to Rom 12:3the mustard seed measure; but must be developed and planted on the soil of believe and nurtured with consistent action to mature it to strong and great faith that win battles and brings glory to God.

Let’s see the anatomy of faith from the story of blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52 and see how faith works and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

First, we have the Principle Of Hearing: Mark 10:47and when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth…

this verse suggest to us that this blind man has been hearing about this Jesus, and he got an opportune time, he didn’t want to let it slip, he then engaged the second principle and cried out saying, Lord have mercy and there was no voice strong enough to shut him down. HEARING is the means by which we access Faith.

Secondly, we have the Principle Of Saying: he began to cry out, and say…Vs 47. TheFaith that came by hearing is now activated by saying. Our voice (speech) is what gives us access to the realm of the spirit, Psalm 5:3. The power of God is in His voice Psalm 29, His presence too is in His voice Gen. 3:8. From

2 Cor 4:1 3– we understand that a good sign we believe what God has said in our hearts is speaking it out with our voice. Let the redeemed of the Lord say. So Faith is activated by SAYING

Thirdly, we have the Principle Of Doing: Vs 50and he casting away his garment, rose and came to Jesus. James 2:17 says faith without works is dead. It is our actions that give our faith potency to deliver results. No matter what we hear and say, if we refuse to do we would be stranded in the bridge between prophecy and reality, we would have more confession than manifestation.

Action is a means by which we demonstrate what we believe and say. It is working in respect to what we are saying. Don’t speak and fold your hands. Faith is speaking then doing. Our action tells God we are ready.

In summary, Faith comes by hearing then it’s triggered by believing, activated by speaking and established by works(doings, actions).

Faith is demonstrated by DOING (Acting). It’s time we put our faith to work by acting our confession.

God bless you.

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