(Understanding kingdom protocols)

In this time of great unrest, uncertainty and chaos in the Earth, the Lord is raising up a great company of sons and daughters who understand the times and the heartbeat of God for such a time. The assignment is for us to understand and do, not understand to explain. We are indeed in the season of exploits.

As the Lord prepares to usher in a massive awakening and to launch a vast company of saints into their divinely ordained destinies to bring in the harvest—some into the marketplace, some into the harvest fields and some to minister to His house—the enemies of our Lord are attempting to derail this move by launching a campaign of confusion, to cause fear and division in the ranks, and miscommunication and offense in relationships. This has always been Satan’s greatest tactic from ancient times, and many can testify, through experience, of the suffering it causes.

The enemy is attempting to sabotage divinely ordained destinies from coming forth.  This he does by causing us not to adhere to the protocols of the kingdom coupled with unchristian lifestyles. By protocols of the kingdom, I mean rules of conduct and accepted behavior clearly laid out in the Word of God. Our failure to take heed to kingdom principles leaves us exploited instead of doing exploits. In any great kingdom or government, and most certainly in the kingdom of God, there is order and protocol to be observed in all relationships and matters of the kingdom. The times we live in demand for a critical look and a cross examination of the protocols mentioned in the scriptures and a careful observation to play according to the rules in order to be all that God has called us to be.

As citizens of the kingdom; the world is groaning for the manifestation of our greatest potential and purpose. Therefore our greatest desire in times like this should be to be in alignment with our kingdom responsibilities as we fulfill our roles as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in the earth. Protocol is important, the sooner we realized that it is our inability to adhere to kingdom protocol in the past, as the major reason we have not been as effective as we ought or have wished to be, the better for us. The people of the world understand protocol than the sons of the Kingdom. Secular governments understand the need to follow proper protocol and even have departments dedicated to making certain their representatives do so carefully. Before ambassadors and other diplomatic staff are sent to the various countries where they will represent their respective governments, they are thoroughly schooled in every aspect of this important science. The failure to observe protocol could, and indeed in the past has led to international incidents that were both embarrassing and even dangerous. At the very least, these oversights have rendered diplomats ineffective and hindered the success of their mission. And the Bible is not silent on this matter too; people like queen Vashti lost their positions because they didn’t understand certain protocols that had to do with the kingdom

Therefore, it cannot be over emphasize that the government of heaven also requires that certain protocol be followed that we may be effective in our role as representatives of Christ and His Kingdom and convert promises to products and confessions to manifestation. As I always say, the world is not waiting for the explanation of the sons of God but the manifestation. It is our conviction that the missing link in our experience is a fundamental misunderstanding of the processes necessary to bring God’s promises to fulfillment. My God shall supply all my needs true, but how?

Dr. Ferdinand Nweke said “believers have simply assumed that if it’s in the Word, then it will happen automatically for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. All Scripture is authentic but not automatic”.There are processes that convert promises into actual, tangible performances. If you have journeyed with God it won’t take long for you to realize that there is a process between “Thus says the Lord and It came to pass”. Those who do not take the journey prescribed by Scripture never arrive at the promises. It is the prescribed process that leads to the promised product.

Beginning from the way we get saved to the proper way of coming into the presence of God, the scriptures has laid certain protocols as ways believers must conduct themselves in our day to day to day life in the kingdom so that we can enjoy the benefit of kingdom citizens. Without following the protocols prophecies would fail and delay, and we would be people of confession without manifestation. Let’s briefly consider some kingdom protocols.

  1. The protocol of ACCESS: As believers there are protocols attached to our coming into his presence.
  • We come into his presence with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:4
  • Watch your feet – Eccl 5:1
  • Come boldly Hebrews 4:16
  1. The protocol of PRAYER
  • In prayers relationship comes before worship
  • His priority trumps our needs. (Thy kingdom come and will be done before give us our daily bread). 1 Samuel 1:11,19- You can’t put God first and He leaves you last.
  • Fellowship- forgive us as we forgive others
  • Leadership – lead us not into temptation.
  • At the bottom of the PRAYER ladder is ownership (thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory). Psalm 24

Note: Prayers starts and ends with God. God answers prayers, but he doesn’t answer every prayer. Psalm 65:2, James 4:2

  1. The Protocol of CITIZENSHIP

As kingdom a citizen, you can’t be claiming God as your father and refusing “the local Church” as your mother, churchless Christians is a fallacy of those that doesn’t understand kingdom formation. You need a local assembly, a company of believers or people you can be accountable to. A place you can serve and be nourished. Acts 4:23, Acts 13:13, acts 15:22, and Acts 21:8.

– A kingdom citizen worships God and fellowships with believers. Hebrews 10:25

– As a citizen your responsibilities come before your right

– We are foreigners and ambassadors. 1 Peter 2:11, 2 Corinthians 5:20

– Friendship with the world is enmity with God. James 4:4

to be continued.

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